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Tramadol 100mg analgesic for effective pain management

Pain management is an important aspect of modern healthcare. Of the many modern medical advancements, analgesic pain killers are considered to be one of the best achievements of the medical scientists. Tramadol retard is one of these pain killers which inhibits the flow of pain sensing chemicals in the nervous systems this numbing the feeling of pain in the brain. The medicine is only meant for people above 12 years of age. Buy Ambien zolpidem without prescription.

Things to know before consuming Tramadol Retard:

  • People who have an allergy to tramadol hydrochloride should not consume this medicine.
  • This medicine should not be consumed after drinking alcohol, opiates or any kind of psychotropic medicine.
  • Any person who is also taking MAO inhibitors or any other anti-depressant medicine, or has taken any such medicine in the last 14 days should not take this medicine.
  • People who have history of drug addiction or are experiencing withdrawal symptoms of any kind should not take this medicine.
  • Epilepsy, that is not treated by medicine is also a problem where these tablets should not be taken.

Consumption guidelines for Tramadol Retard:

If you have been prescribed this medicine by your doctor, you should:

  • Start with 100mg tablet, two tablets a day should be enough
  • If it does not work, increase to 150mg tablet, twice a day
  • If the pain still persists, dosage of Tramadol retard 200mg should be taken

This medicine is not to be overconsumed. If you have taken more tablets than required, you should get in touch with a doctor or the nearest hospital. You may experience symptoms like:

  • Pin-point pupils
  • Vomiting, a fall in blood pressure
  • Increased heartbeat
  • Disturbed consciousness including coma

This medicine is supposed to be taken as per a schedule and should only be tapered off as per a proper schedule. While there are no known or reported side effects of suddenly stopping the medicine, there may be a risk of people feeling agitated, nervousness or panic attacks, itching, numbness or bowel disorders, though some may experience noise in the ears as well.

Known side effects of Tramadol retard:

  • Most common side effects include dizziness or nausea occurring to 1 in 10 people
  • Common side effects of 1 in 100 people include headaches, dry mouths, fatigue
  • Rare side effects of 1 in 100 people may be slow breathing, hallucinations, fluid accumulation in the skin and mucosa, muscle weakness or involuntary contractions
  • Some people may experience decrease in blood sugar level or enlarged pupils.

Tramadol Retard Guidelines for Pregnant women and Breastfeeding mothers:

If you are a pregnant woman, you should know that the medicine passes the placenta, which means that new born may experience withdrawal symptoms after the birth if the medicine is consumed for long durations. Always check with your doctor about consuming the medicine.  Similarly, the new mothers who are breastfeeding their babies should also check with their doctors before consuming these tablets.

Correct way to store and dispose Tramadol Retard

These medicines must be stored out of a situation and place where children or pets can not reach it. The medicine bottle or blister pack comes with an expiry date printed on it.  Once the expiry date has passed, the medicine must not be consumed but must be discarded as per instructions from your local pharmacy. Do not discard the medicine in household water or sewage wastewater. Always keep the medicine away from extreme heat or moisture.

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